Joyce Boyer
Joyce Boyer - Painting God's Creations - Artist

Joyce Boyer




Landscapes, water and animals in bright and lively colours are what this Canadian Artist loves to paint.  Seeing the colours and capturing feeling is what she strives to create in her paintings. The texture and colour are incorporated together so that her paintings have quality that makes you want to touch them. Joyce mainly paints acrylic on textured canvas  but does enjoy doing plein air with a gorgeous set of pas

Joyce Boyer has always lived in Alberta where she finds true inspiration in the glorious mountains and animals.  Her love of the ocean finds her taking trips to the ocean frequently, especially along the Sunshine Coast.

Joyce completed Graphic arts at Grant McEwan University and  continues her journey by studying her favourite artists and is thankful to the many artists such as Albert Handell, David Langevin  and Karen Richter for touching her life and inspiring her art. She is now working on promoting the converted RV that is now a mobile Studio and Gallery.

As  a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Pastel Society of Canada, Art Society of Strathcona County, and ACACA she keeps very involved with the Art Community. She gives lessons and workshops and is very enthusiastic about sharing her love and knowledge of art to those around her.  Her work is found in both private and  corporate collections.

The challenges of being an artist is never ending but it is exciting and you never know what is around the corner. She says,”  She just looks at the master painter and sees that she has a lot to learn and knows that she will enjoy every step of her journey. She feels truly blessed being able to create works that inspire and to have many artistic friends who encourage each other and offer support.

Art is like breathing to me. I look at the world around me and see it in everything. Colour, shapes and inspiration; It never ends. The best thing about art is having someone look at your work and for them to be moved in some way; that is what art is all about. 




 Artist Statement


When choosing the subject of my next creation, I need it to speak to me. I do not want just another pretty picture. I want the subject to have presence and demand that it be painted. There is a need of a challenge for me to capture what it wishes to say. Because I am primarily a landscape painter, I am constantly alert to the world around me, looking at the way colors play with one another, perhaps offering a unique perspective, or something that takes my breath away.  It could be the way a majestic tree’s  knarled root system  holds  tight to the edge of a river bank, or the reflection of the tree showing in the water flowing below.

I take many photos, as I primarily work out of my studio. Occasionally a pleine air piece will become a major studio work as well. When I view my photos I begin with them small, looking for balance in the lights and darks. When I see something that strikes me, I work it with a variety of sketches and then begin.

The process is very exciting. As the painting evolves from a sketch to a completed piece, I sometimes have to take a step back and take in how things reach the core of my being and the wonder at being blessed to be able to do something I love. Whether I decide to paint pastel or mixed media, it is determined by how I wish to portray it. The mixed media allows for its own texture to play and interact with the piece, whereas pastels and their richness of color allow for a different feel. Each medium is so different and brings to the table a variety of choices that will enhance the work to its fullest potential.

Having taken a variety of workshops and mentorship programs from such internationally know artists as Albert Handell and Rose Edin, I have tried to develop my style into something both unique and inviting for the viewer.  This allows me to be constantly growing as an artist,  always learning and exploring. 

I feel successful in creating a painting when a viewer can look at it and have an emotional response, that the picture speaks to them as it did to me.